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CALL TO ACTION, May 2013: Three easy e-actions

Please support us by taking 3 really easy e-actions, one for support for clean energy, and another two for action to curb tax dodging – all three took me LESS THAN 10 MINUTES!

Please let us know when you have done them by email – just one word, “Done”, plus the name of your Parliamentary Constituency.
We have shamefully neglected our friends at Stop Climate Chaos, but this is an opportunity to catch up! We’ve already got nearly 300 MPs supporting the inclusion of a clean power target in the Energy Bill, but need a final push to get a few more. Go to

Please take action to curb tax dodging and so raise your voice against the men of greed who, for their own enrichment, cheat the poor of their ‘daily bread’. Contact your MP at>

To support Oxfam’s petition, google “Act now to stop tax dodging -Oxfam”, or go to┬áNOTE: you must un-tick the box provided if you don’t want to receive emails from them!

In my briefing at the time of the budget, I said that “urgent and radical reform” on taxation is “most important”. It’s also amazingly timely, because everyone is up in arms about tax dodging by companies operating here. We’d be crazy not to ‘strike whilst the iron is so hot’!

We’ve had terrific support from regional supporters so far! I don’t have comparative figures, but our budget lobbying may well have been the best in the country.

And this is what Baroness Glenys Kinnock said about the Inaugural Lecture and its support: “Thank you for organising a terrific evening . I was shocked when I walked into the lecture theatre and saw such a crowd!”.

With every good wish,
Dr David Golding CBE (david.golding(at)
(on behalf of NE-CAP and Enough Food IF)

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