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NE-CAP says: End Hunger Fast – in the UK!

From Judith Sadler, Chair; Kevin Haigh, Vice-Chair; and David Golding, Development Coordinator, on behalf of North East CALL TO ACTION.

(NB The above are not acting in their capacities as representatives of other agencies.)

We invite you to join us in our support for End Hunger Fast and to encourage others to do the same!


North East CALL FOR ACTION calls for support for End Hunger Fast

Register your support NOW at:


End Hunger Fast is supported by Oxfam, Church Action on Poverty, The Trussell Trust, the Child Poverty Action Group and many other agencies. Supporters include scores of church leaders, academics and poverty campaigners, and is approaching 100,000.

“Those who could be blamed the least, the poorest people have suffered the most.”

So said the late Cardinal Basil Hume about the impact of Third World Debt, and it remains true to this day. However, the same can legitimately be said about the growing crisis of hunger and impoverishment in the UK – a crisis precipitated by the greed and recklessness of bankers, but deepened by government actions, and which has brought widespread “hunger and destitution” (Cardinal Vincent Nichols) to our own country.

Opinions vary as to the wisdom of the government’s programme of financial stringency. However, the charge we lay at its door is that it has failed to protect the poorest and most vulnerable in our community in the process. Indeed, “over half of people using food banks have been put in that situation by cutbacks to and failures in the benefit system” (letter to the Prime Minister from 41 church leaders, 20th February). Recent so-called reforms’ to the welfare system have become “more and more punitive”, and are a “disgrace” (Cardinal Nichols), even if made with the good intentions.

By pledging to join the fast, you will help call on the government to ensure:

* That the welfare system provides a robust last line of defence against hunger in Britain;

* That work pays enough for working people to properly provide for their families;

* That food markets function, promoting long term sustainable and healthy diets, with no one profiteering off hunger in Britain.

We encourage you to join us by registering your support now, and joining the fast on 4th April!

1. Go to;

2. Click on ‘Contact’ (upper right);

3. Then enter your details on right hand side.

Please download the full Word document here: NE-CAP_Statement

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