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Great North Run 2015 – Apply now and be part of our team!

You can download this invitation in MS Word by clicking this link: GNR_2015-Recruitment-for-Websites



 National Charity Leaders to join our acclaimed Team!

 13th glorious year! – £167,500 raised to date!

 Ultra-generous concessions for students!



“It is fabulous what you are achieving to lift people out of poverty!”

                                                                                   (Tamsin Fraser, Oxfam)

 “Had a brilliant day… for a fantastic cause!” “The Run was a fantastic experience!” “One of the most amazing experiences of my life!” (Past team members)


 Run for ‘Drop the Debt & Stop AIDS & Ebola’,

or ‘Drop the Debt and Stop Climate Chaos’


  • Jubilee Debt Campaign (JDC) is one of the most effective movements in history in the fight against destitution and disease, and you can add your weight to it; 
  • In addition, you will be supporting the fight against:

 either AIDS and Ebola, or Climate Change; 

  • And you will also enjoy a ‘fantastic experience’!


 * The General Ballot for places is now open – go to

* Click on “Events”; then “Morrison’s Great North Run” [NOT the Great North 10K or 5K!]

* Go through the conventional registration process (“Register a new Great ID”, etc., or use your previous password, etc., if you’re an old hand);

* Under “Running for a charity”, click “Yes”; scroll down to find “Other”; and click on that.

* PLEASE LET ME KNOW when you’ve entered, AND AGAIN if you’re successful, so

I can arrange for you to join the university team. IF YOU’RE UNLUCKY, I may be able to give you one of JDC’s places.

* Please commend the initiative far and wide – it’s more fun to train and run with one or two friends.

* Queries? Just email me: david.golding[at]


  • Major national agencies say our initiative is “wonderful… fantastic”, “outstanding”, “hugely  important”, “admirable… fantastic”, “wonderful… so grateful”. (Yes, really!)
  • “The sort of intelligently compassionate response I applaud” (Professor Sir George Alberti, former President of the Royal College of Physicians).
  • Three national charity leaders are planning to join our team this year! They are Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign UK; Diarmaid McDonald, Advocacy Manager at STOPAIDS; and Chris Venables, Programme Officer at Medact.
  • Ultra-generous concessions for students – we paid out £1,000 in rebates for entry fees last year, without using a penny of the money raised by the team! (See below.)
  • The Great North Run is the greatest mass-participation community and sporting event on earth and is watched live on BBC TV by tens of millions of people. Look for yourself at the pictures on the website and you’ll see what I mean – it’s a truly great experience!
  • You don’t have to be an athlete – it’s a ‘run’, not a ‘race’. I did it ‘for the first and last time’ in 2010 to celebrate my 70th!
  • Last year the team raised £15,000, bringing our total to £167,500. That makes us one of the Debt Campaign’s major funders nationally AND would be enough to also prevent the infection at birth with HIV of 10,000 babies! 


 GENEROUS CONCESSIONS: Ultra-generous concessions for students via rebates on cost of entry (£52.00) of up to – not 100%, but 200% (yes, really!).

EXCELLENT SUPPORT: I arrange advice for training: support for fundraising; social get-togethers; and pre- and post-Run photo-opportunities (usually supported by the Vice-Chancellor or his deputy, President of the Students’ Union, etc.). “Hand on heart, I have to say that David Golding is an inspiration who everyone is ready to follow into the challenge of the Great North Run.” (Professor David Leat, Team Captain)

GLOBALLY EFFECTIVE: In Autumn 2011, I visited Africa ‘for the first and last time’, and saw for myself the enormous, beneficial impacts of debt relief on schooling, health care and clean water and the fight against HIV/AIDS. But truly daunting problems remain.

EFFICIENT AND ACCOUNTABLE ADMIN: We deduct no expenses whatever (not even postage for the t-shirts). 50% of all money raised goes to Jubilee Debt Campaign and 50% to UK aid agencies, the Stop AIDS Campaign and the Climate Coalition. Each runner chooses his or her own agency.



TEAM PATRONS: The Team Patrons are Prof Chris Brink, Vice-Chancellor; Professor Chris Day, Provost, Faculty of Medicine; Claire Boothman, President, NUSU; and Dr Joan Harvey, President, UCU.

TEAM CAPTAIN: Professor David Leat, one of our elite runners, acts as Team Captain.

TEAM MANAGER: The team is organised by Dr David Golding CBE for Jubilee Debt Campaign at Newcastle University (which is sponsored by the Students’ Union, all the staff unions and the Chaplaincy), in association with North East CALL TO ACTION.



Dr David Golding CBE (david.golding[at]


Associate, Institute for Sustainability,

and Honorary Chaplain, NewcastleUniversity.

Development Coordinator, North East CALL TO ACTION;

Founder Board Member, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK;

Trustee, Blue Sky Trust (supporting people living with HIV in the North East).

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