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University's Great North Run Team, '19

‘Action on Global Poverty and Climate Change’!

A genuine ‘University Community’ initiative

open to all members of our institution without exception

“A credit to our institution. I commend it” (Professor Chris Day, Vice-Chancellor)


The Great North Run, Sunday 8th September 2019

Ballot for places now open!

Introducing the University’s GNR Initiative, 2019


Our nationally acclaimed team hopes to reach and burst through
the £250,000 barrier in this, our 17th year!

It has contributed to Great Global Achievements!

Child mortality has been more than halved globally – reduced by more than two thirds in 74 countries (2017 data) – amazing!

It confronts Great Global Challenges!

“We are facing the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world”, because of climate change. (David Attenborough, 2018)

It provides Great Personal Experiences!

“One of the most amazing experiences of my life and it was an honour to take part… Your work is invaluable – please keep up your efforts.” (David Chambers, BSc Engineering)

Generous concessions are available to students!

‘The leanest team in the Run!’ It’s organised by volunteers, so no staff costs and no deductions for ‘expenses’ – unique!


Entering the ballot and joining the Team:

Save yourself a lot of grief by letting the ‘Team Manager’ know you’re interested and getting his guidelines for entering the ballot – hard copies can be collected from the information tables/reception desks in the Ridley Foyer, Devonshire Building, and Students’ Union, or the foyer of the Courtyard Restaurant, or from

Enter the ballot (£56), following the guidelines provided by the Manager – and let him know you’ve done so;

If you’re unlucky in the ballot, let the Manager know immediately. You’ll have a high priority for one of the team’s 25 ‘charity places’, at the same price.

The Great North Run is the greatest mass-participation sporting event in the world and over a million people have taken part in it. Each year, it’s covered extensively on BBC 2. It’s a ‘Run’, not a ‘Race’, and anyone in reasonable health who’s prepared to take the training seriously can complete it and enjoy doing so. For 2019, it’s scheduled for Sunday 8th September, two weeks before the start of term at Newcastle University.

Our nationally acclaimed ‘University Team’ raises awareness and funds for what are surely the two greatest challenges facing the human race – namely, global poverty and climate change – and to support action on the horrendous humanitarian crises currently in the news. Each team member has a wide choice as to which agency should receive a substantial proportion of the funds they raise.

For the coming year, JDC will generously donate 60% of the money raised by the team for efforts to combat global poverty

and climate change by other agencies – so 10% will go to the StopAIDS (the UK’s advocacy coalition on HIV/AIDS); 10% to the national Climate Coalition; and 40% to British aid and environmental agencies for their work on global poverty and sustainability. Each runner can choose which aid or environmental agency s/he wishes to support with that 40%.

A training seminar and a social, at which technical know-how and experience is shared, instil a sense of community and purpose; help with fundraising is varied and imaginative; and team photo’s before the Run and individual ones at the Finish provide great mementos of a wonderful experience.

“Hand on heart, I have to say that the support given by Dr Golding is an inspiration to everyone.” (Professor David Leat, Team Captain)

Contact details:

Dr David Golding CBE (Team Manager),

For photo’s, see below:

1. Pre-Run: Ready for the ‘off’!

2. Pre-Run: The ‘Professorial Team’ (2016) (l-r): Prof Bernard Golding; Dr Phil Ansell, Dean of Sport; Prof Emma Stevenson; Prof David Leat (Team Captain); Prof Steve Vincent; Prof Phil Taylor.

3. At the finish: Raquel de Sousa and Khristianne Greenhalgh, Faculty of Medical Sciences

4. At the finish: Will Camps, School of Biomedical Sciences

5. At the finish: Neil Gibson & David Young

6. At the finish: fly-past by the Red Arrows – a great sight!

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