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‘Brilliant Meeting’ with Sir Alan Campbell MP for the national ‘Virtual Lobby of Parliament’.

Supporters of NE-CAP took a leading role in staging what Fiona Dear, Head of Campaigns at The Climate Coalition, called a “Brilliant Meeting” with Sir Alan Campbell, MP for the Tynemouth constituency, on 2nd July, as part of the national ‘Virtual Lobby of Parliament’.

Frustrated at the lack of focus on the core ‘asks’ at last year’s Lobby, in Westminster, David Golding adopted a ‘managerial (high-handed?) approach’ to this year’s on-line event. Opening statements were most ably made by Anna Wardle and Jack Newton,both of whom will be entering the 6th Form at Whitley Bay High School in September.

Anna Wardle

Jack Newton

Then Crispian Oates and Susanne Wardle summarised two of the Coalition’s ‘Priority Asks’, on ‘Investment in climate- and nature-friendly infrastructure’, and the ‘Recovery of nature at home and abroad’, respectively.

Crispian Oates

Susanne Wardle

Sir Alan responded most sympathetically to all he had heard and promised to bring our proposals to the attention of the Prime Minister.

Sir Alan Campbell MP

David rounded off the formal part of the meeting by thanking Sir Alan and all those involved, and emphasised the “desperate urgency” of the issues involved, following which the meeting was opened up for comments from others attending.

David Golding

David says, “I appreciated everything which was said, but what sticks in my memory most of all is Anna’s closing plea to Sir Alan, “I ask you, not to let my generation down!” I’m sure she would say the same thing to each one of us older folks – may God grant that we’ll all take it to heart.


The text of the main presentations made at the lobby may be viewed here.

Four of those making major contributions to the lobby are members of Whitley Bay Baptist Church, whose Church Leadership Team had unanimously commended the event to its members and friends.

The Climate Coalition is made up of over 130 organisations, with a combined membership of 20 million. On Tuesday 2nd, over 220 on-line meetings with MPs took place, and there are still more to come in the days and weeks ahead. Almost 14,000 people from all walks of life participated.

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