Global Weekend of Action on Climate Change, 20/21 Sept

Dear Friend of NE-CAP,

We have recently scandalously neglected our responsibilities for climate
change, but have the opportunity to make amends for that now – let’s do so!
The actions below will be in support of a concerted international effort to
persuade world leaders (including David Cameron) meeting at the UN in New
York on 23rd September to actually deliver on the promises they’ve made.


GLOBAL WEEKEND OF ACTION, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September

* People’s Climate Petition, Saturday 20th Sept, 10.00am, at Grey’s
Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne

* People’s Climate March, Sunday 21st Sept, 1.30pm, assemble in Princess
Square, outside upper level entrance to Newcastle Central Library

I INTEND TO BE THERE  please join me if you can!



What things do you love? The great majority of them will be blighted, if not
wrecked, by climate change. Google “The Climate Coalition” and join the “For
Love Of” campaign. [NE-CAP is a full member of the Coalition.]

With every good wish, to you and yours,


Dr David Golding CBE
Development Coordinator


Below you will find a message from Joe at the Coalition:

I just started work here on the For The Love Of campaign.  It was reading
about Justin’s daughter that hit me first.

It’s for the love of his baby daughter that Justin wants to do something
about climate change: because of how it could affect her life.  Maybe the
lump in my throat came because my sister’s just given birth to a baby girl

It brought home to me why tackling climate change matters — because of the
people, places and things we all care about.

The good news is we can all do something to help. It’s an important time
because, on Tuesday 23rd September, world leaders including David Cameron
are meeting to agree what they do next to deal with climate change.  How
much will our Prime Minister do to stand up for action to protect the people
and the things we love?

It partly depends what he hears from people all around Britain, including
you and me. Let’s tell him about what matters to us, by joining one of the
events arranged around the country. You can also make a difference online by
joining “For The Love Of” campaign.  It will help get the message through to
the Government that we want to see a strong commitment to action on climate change in the next two weeks.

This is a great and noble endeavour – I really hope you will be part of it!

Thanks so much,


Click here to visit the website of the ‘For the Love Of’ campaign:


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