HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Personal and/or Church Action on Climate Change

Any time soon, but ideally over the ‘Hunger for Justice’ weekend, 18th-19th October.

NE-CAP is sponsoring this action in support of Christian Aid and the ‘Hope for the Future’ coalition (http://www.hftf.org.uk/), but it’s entirely appropriate for those of any faith or none.

Millions of people around the world are already suffering because of climate change, and far greater numbers will suffer far more unless we stir ourselves.  Please stand in solidarity with them and write to or email your MP calling for action to secure a cleaner and brighter future. As usual, we’ve made it really easy for you!


Find the name of your MP at www.writetothem.com – simply type in your postcode.


Send your letter to “House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA”;

Include your name, postal address, postcode and email address;

Type or write by hand, saying something like:

“I write to show my support for the Statement & Request (enclosed) by North East CALL TO ACTION. In particular, [mention one or two features of the statement] …

Conclude by asking for a response and add the usual courtesies.

Print out and include the ‘Statement & Request’ with your letter.


Your MP’s email address is as follows:


[So my MP’s address is: alan.campbell.mp@parliament.uk]

State your name, postal address, postcode and email address.

Say something like:

“I write to show my support for the ‘Statement & Request’ (see below) by North East CALL TO ACTION. In particular, [mention one or two features of the statement] …

Conclude by asking for a response and add the usual courtesies.

Copy and paste the ‘Statement & Request’ into the body of the email (DON’T send it as an attachment), and change the format of the whole message to Plain Text.


 ‘Lord to those who are hungry, give bread.  And to those who have bread, give a hunger for justice’ (Latin American Prayer)

Over the ‘Hunger for Justice’ weekend, 18th-19th October, or at any time soon, you can help grow the movement of those taking steps towards a better future by encouraging your church take action to tackle climate change.  There are several things you can do, for example:

  • Pray for all those who feel the impact of our changing climate and for world leaders to find positive lasting solutions to tackle climate change. Hope for the Future (http://www.hftf.org.uk/) has suggestions for hymns, prayers and sermons.
  • Take a photo of your congregation and send it to your MP with an accompanying letter (and, if you wish, a copy of our ‘Statement & Request”) asking them to ensure their party is committed to fighting climate change.
  • Encourage the congregation to believe that together we can take a million actions to change our world and build a safe, clean future – the website of your usual aid agency will have lots of ideas.

If you can’t do something over the weekend of 18th – 19th October, then please think about taking action at another time.

We can stop the worst excesses of climate change, but only if we work together and press our politicians for strong action to build a safer, cleaner future.

I thank Kerry Crellin of Christian Aid and ‘Hope for the Future’ for their help in preparing this material.

With every good wish,

Dr David Golding CBE (Development Coordinator, NE-CAP)


You can  download the ‘Statement & Request’ here: Hope for the Future Statement and Request Oct ’14 or copy below


‘Statement & Request’

To North East MPs

North East CALL TO ACTION joins with ‘Hope for the Future’, Christian Aid and the Climate Coalition…


“We are really concerned about Climate Change.  We’re worried that unless the UK Government takes strong action now, the future of our children and grandchildren is going to be bleak”;


“Please can you tell us what is in your party’s 2015 General Election Manifesto that will enable the UK to reach the target of at least an 80% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050? (as set out in the Government’s Climate Change Act 2008).”


We’d like you to pass on our concerns to your Manifesto Planning Group, and please keep us informed on your party’s position on this matter, so that our supporters can decide how they will vote.


“Political leaders cannot possibly ask for a more robust, evidence-based call for action… We know what needs to be done. We cannot wait until it is too late. We cannot wait until what we value most is lost.” (St James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium, 2009)


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