“Bizarre, Absurd” by Dr David Golding – Complaint about the BBC programme, “What’s the point of …the Met Office?” (Wed 5th August, Radio 4)

David Golding’s complaint to the BBC about a Radio 4 broadcast on climate change has been trending in the Climate Coalition website. David submitted a copy of his complaint to the John Ray Institute, where he serves as an associate, and this was later published at the JRI’s website. It has been picked up from there by the Coalition.

Here is the link to the Climate Coalition’s website about David’s letter: http://goo.gl/nuWF4K

From the JRI’s website: http://www.jri.org.uk/blog/bizarre-absurd-by-dr-david-golding-complaint-about-the-programme-whats-the-point-of-the-met-office-wed-5th-august-radio-4/

Here is the link to the BBC Radio 4’s broadcast, ‘What’s the Point of…The Met Office?’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06418l5


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