Watch, Switch, Twin and Support!

a) WATCH – the stunningly beautiful, short video, “I wish for you…”, by the Climate Coalition, featuring Jeremy Irons:

b) SWITCH – join the Big Switch, and get both renewable electricity for your home or church at low cost, and a major reduction in your carbon footprint. If we all do it, it will greatly add to the demand for non-polluting power – and where’s there’s demand, supply will always follow!

I got this info’ from Christian Aid’s website and you can get further details there, but I think it’s just ‘common-or-garden’ electricity! ☺ Go

c) TWIN – Twin your toilet! Tamsin Greig says, “I twinned my toilet because it’s a fun and simple way to tackle the scandalous lack of decent loos and basic sanitation all over the world. Twin your toilet today.”
2.3 billion people lack adequate sanitation – 1 in 3 of the world’s population. Diarrhoea caused by inadequate sanitation are now reckoned to be the biggest killer of children in Africa.

But it’s not just about illness and death – think of the indignity of it – and being stalked by fear on a nightly basis. “Without a toilet at home, women and girls have to wait until dark to relieve themselves outside, risking attack”, says one, and she describes “the agonies of women having to wait until dark, even if they have diarrhoea”.

So please consider ‘twinning’ each of your toilets with ‘Toilet Twinning’, or twin the toilet of a family member or friend as a gift. Go – £60 per toilet twinned. You get a nice little framed picture of the toilet in Ethiopia, Burundi, etc., to hang on your toilet wall – Tamsin said it’s fun!

d) SUPPORT – the visit to the NE of a Fairtrade producer:

Coffee and Communities: Thursday 10th March, 12.30 – 13.30, Northumbria University, Students’ Union Building (2 Sandyford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8SB)

This is Fairtrade Fortnight and a great opportunity to hear a first-hand account, by Colombian Fairtrade coffee co-operative worker, Luz Marina Garcia Ruiz, of how coffee farming works and the impact Fairtrade has on farmers’ lives, as well as having your questions answered.

With every good wish,


(NE-CAP Development Coordinator)

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