‘Speak Up’ Week of Action on Climate Change, 8th-16th October


This was the second of three requests for action, sent by post and email, during the run-up to the Week of Action.

Dear Friend of NE-CAP,

The national Climate Coalition depends on NE-CAP, a member of the Coalition, and other supporters, to ‘Speak Up’ and make its voice heard in the region – and NE-CAP in turn depends particularly on YOU, its Committee Members, Constituency Contacts, and Supporters!

So I’m asking you to write to or email your MP immediately before or during the upcoming Week of Action, 8th-16th October.

With the significant degree of success of the international Paris Agreement last December, and the Prime Minister’s promise to ratify it very soon, we really do have something to build on! But ‘they’ need to know that there are plenty of us out here who really want to see ‘Policies, rather than Promises’, and ‘Actions, rather than Words’!

As usual, we’ve made it REALLY easy for you! See below.

With every good wish,


Dr David Golding CBE (Development Coordinator)


Find the name of your MP at www.writetothem.com – simply type in your postcode.


Send your letter to “House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA”;

Include your name, postal address, postcode and email address;

Type, or write legibly (!) by hand, our message to MPs outlined below (or something like it).


Your MP’s email address is as follows:

firstname.surname.mp@parliament.uk [So my MP’s address is: alan.campbell.mp@parliament.uk]

State your name, postal address, postcode and email address.

Type our message to MPs outlined below (or something like it).

Thanking you in advance,


Dr David Golding CBE (p/p the NE-CAP Organising Committee)



Dear [Name of your MP],

I write as a supporter of North East CALL TO ACTION, a member of the Climate Coalition, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and to limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. The combined number of supporters in the Coalition’s 100+ member organisations is more than 15 million people. We have come together to show our love for all the things we could lose to the impacts of climate change; and to ask politicians to put aside their differences, and commit publicly to do whatever is necessary to protect us and the things we love.

During our ‘Week of Action’, 8th-16th October, we are asking MPs like you to take a lead, locally, nationally and internationally. The UK has an opportunity to show its continued commitment to the wider world and its determination to remain a leading nation on climate change.

Please write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to:

• Congratulate him for rapid progress on ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement;

• Ask him to publish an ambitious low-carbon investment plan to transform the economy in line with the Climate Change Act.

Now is the ideal moment to move ahead with ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement, so we applaud the Prime Minister’s announcement on 20th September that the UK will begin its domestic process for ratification before the next UN climate talks. This shows our continued commitment to the international fight against climate change, and will encourage the EU and its Member States to move more quickly to ratify the deal too.

One of the first acts of the new government was to set the fifth carbon budget into law, and we welcome that. This opens up the possibility of an exciting low-carbon future for the UK with a rapid, economy-wide transition over the next 15 years. We want this future to become a reality – so now the UK needs a plan to get there! We need the promised new “Emissions Reduction Plan” to drive forward vigorous and urgent action to transform the economy.

I would be most grateful to receive a reply.

Yours sincerely,


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