“A Call for Commitment to Creation Care”

Whitley Bay Baptist Church, ‘Climate Sunday’, 11th April 2021

A Call for Commitment to Creation Care

Details of Service

The service is available online in video and audio at wbbc.org.uk/resources/sermons-3.

Welcome to Whitley Bay Baptist Church and the first of our two ‘Climate Sundays’. This has been organised to alert us to the international climate conference, known as COP26, which is due to take place in Glasgow in November, and to equip us to prepare for that momentous event by prayer and action.

This is a very special time indeed, potentially a ‘Kairos Moment’, a time of special opportunity and blessing for efforts to ward off the monstrous threat to all our children and grandchildren of global heating. The whole Christian community is being called, by the Baptist Union, Tearfund and many others, to come together and with one voice to call for decisive action on this, the greatest moral and humanitarian challenge of our generation.

And this is urgently needed! On ‘Sunday Worship’ on Radio 4 on Sunday 7th March, 19-year old ‘Ruth’ spoke of how “confused and upset” – her words, how “confused and upset” she was by the failure of the church to respond to climate change and she noted that, according to a recent survey, 90% of Christian young people regard this as a serious issue, but only 10% think the church is paying enough attention to it.

In 2005, the Make Poverty History campaign, centred here in Britain and in which Christians took a major role, transformed the lives of countless millions of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. May God grant that something comparable will take place this year!

Text details of the service are available HERE.


Believing that mere nominal assent to creation care will count for very little in the long run, I hope to provide you with a solid foundation for this principle so that we can build on it and take it forward. Our aim should be that the life and teaching of our church should faithfully reflect what the Apostle Paul described as “The whole counsel of God”.

So first I will ask, “What is the Mission of the Church?”, in broad terms; Second, I will insist that ‘Matters of first importance’ for the Gospel should remain just that; and Third, I will consider the application of Christian discipleship to creation care.

The complete text of the address may be accessed HERE.

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